DBS Bank Leads $100 Million Syndicated Loan for HDFC Credila

At DBS Bank, we are proud to announce our role as the lead arranger and sole bookrunner for a $100 million syndicated loan facility for HDFC Credila Financial Services Private Limited. This landmark transaction underscores our commitment to facilitating growth and providing tailored financial solutions to our clients in the dynamic landscape of corporate financing.


HDFC Credila, a subsidiary of Housing Development Finance Corporation Limited (HDFC), is India’s leading education loan provider. With a focus on empowering students to pursue their academic aspirations, HDFC Credila has established itself as a trusted partner for financing higher education both domestically and internationally.

Syndicated Loan Facility

The syndicated loan facility, led by DBS Bank, comprises a consortium of leading financial institutions, demonstrating strong confidence in HDFC Credila’s business model and growth prospects. This financing arrangement will provide HDFC Credila with the necessary capital to expand its loan portfolio, enhance operational efficiency, and further strengthen its market position.

Strategic Collaboration

DBS Bank’s expertise in structuring and executing complex financing solutions, combined with HDFC Credila’s industry knowledge and market presence, has resulted in a successful collaboration that aligns with both parties’ strategic objectives. This syndicated loan underscores the synergies between DBS Bank and HDFC Credila and highlights our shared commitment to driving innovation and excellence in the financial services sector.

Market Impact

The $100 million syndicated loan for HDFC Credila represents a significant milestone in the Indian financial landscape. It not only reflects the confidence of leading financial institutions in HDFC Credila’s business fundamentals but also underscores the robust demand for innovative financing solutions in the education sector. This transaction sets a benchmark for future funding initiatives in the industry and reinforces DBS Bank’s position as a preferred partner for corporate borrowers seeking tailored financial solutions.

DBS Bank’s leadership in structuring and executing the $100 million syndicated loan for HDFC Credila reaffirms our commitment to supporting the growth and expansion of our clients. This landmark transaction underscores the strength of our relationships, the depth of our expertise, and our ability to deliver innovative financing solutions that meet the evolving needs of the market. As we continue to navigate the complexities of the financial landscape, DBS Bank remains steadfast in our mission to empower our clients and drive sustainable growth across industries.

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By adhering to these principles and leveraging our extensive network and capabilities, DBS Bank remains at the forefront of driving positive change and enabling the success of our clients in an increasingly competitive global environment.

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